Will the Euro survive? Without a big haircut in Greece, the chances are poor(Economy , World News)

Now that the Greeks have voted overwhelmingly against the austerity measures – the final result was a 61% no as opposed to opinion polls which suggested a very close finish – both sides need to act calmly; sacking Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis augurs well for negotiations given how polarising

Barack Obama’s Indian summer?(IR )

Given the constraints all U.S. Presidents operate under, and given the additional burden Barack Obama carries because of his race, his recent winning streak is both unusual and likely temporary. It would be churlish to grudge him his moment of success. In India, every now and often, there emerges a

Dramatic drop in number of underfed children: UNICEF (GS paper 2 ,social issues ,Nutrition ,The Hindu)

Gujarat among States below national average. Despite remarkable improvements in child nutrition over the last decade in India, some States, such as Gujarat, have struggled to reduce the numbers of underweight and stunted children, new data show. Last October and November, The Hindu reported the national-level findings of the Rapid Survey on