Bumblebees dying due to climate change (Environment and Biodiversity ,GS paper 3 ,The HIndu )

Climate change is shrinking the geographic range of many bumblebee species in North America and Europe, putting them in danger of future extinction, scientists say. In a study of 67 species, researchers found that a geographic squeeze occurred on both continents over the past 40 years – While the northern

India and the Satellite Launch Market (IDSA , GS paper 3 , Defence ,Prelims )

The successful launch of the PSLV-C28/DMC3 on July 10, 2015 takes the number of satellites launched by India for foreign clients to 45. The July 10 launch was the 30th flight of the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV); of these, 29 have been successful. This speaks volumes about the quality

Manipur’s dilemma (Hindu Editorial)

The fear of every state with a predominant indigenous population was summed up thus by the Naga leader A.Z. Phizo: “Nagaland cannot accept the Indian excess population [as] our country is too small.” Many of the recent exclusivist outbursts in the northeastern States, including in Manipur, can be attributed to