UPSC Topper Ira Singhal Marks

These are marks of UPSC Topper Ira Singhal,she got all India rank 1 in Civil services exam 2014 conducted by UPSC. Essay: 160/250 GS Paper :103/250 GS Paper :122/250 GS Paper :95/250 GS Paper :135/250 GS Total: 455/ 1000 Geography Paper 1 : 168/250 Geography Paper 2 : 137/250 Optional total

Ira Singhal UPSC Topper 2014 Detailed Study Plan and advice Whether to take coaching or not

From Ira Singhal UPSC Topper 2014 COACHING OR NO COACHING COACHING and My recommendation – I took coaching in my first attempt in 2009-10. I did not have idea about the preparation. I did not even know what the topics of the course meant! I had no friends or family

The Hindu SciTech Update

Smell guides mosquitoes to see a human host Researchers report on how and when sensory information is used by mosquitoes to home in on hosts. It may be largely impossible to avoid getting bitten by a mosquito unless and otherwise one can stay in an environment free of carbon dioxide

Compilation Of Revision Notes for 2015 IAS Prelims

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