Trapped between Law and Politics: The Law Commission of India’s Report on Death Penalty (The Hindu ,Essay )

The Report of the Law Commission of India on the Abolition of Death Penalty may appear to have shaped popular thinking in favour of doing away with capital punishment in India, except for ‘terrorism related offences’. However, as Rajgopal Saikumar analyses, the Report fails to convincingly argue the case for

Prashant Nair (Khozikode district Collector) will show you the real use of Social media

Prashanth Nair is not your regular kind of district collector. He commands more than one lakh followers on Facebook, addresses each of his young male audience as ‘bro’ and leads innovative crowd-funded campaigns through social media. Prashanth, who heads the Kozhikode district administration in Kerala, has been criticised by politicians

The immunity for diplomats: Some key issues the Saudi case raises (Indian Express ,IR ,GS paper2 )

Saudi Arabian diplomat Majed Hassan Ashoor, accused of raping two Nepalese women, left India without facing trial last week. The fact that Ashoor could invoke “diplomatic immunity” to escape the wheels of justice has caused deep concern and outrage. In a space dominated by hyper-ventilating TV and social media debates,