Important topics for CSE Mains 2015 (Current Affairs and Traditional)

• NCTC issue• Gorakhaland issue• Basel 3• Teaser loan• South china marine problemGeneric medicine• Space debris• Cold building• Cloud chamber• ALARA• AERB parameters • TRIPS+• ENERGY CRISIS• BIO CENSOR• BIO GRID• Organic farming• SDG• APSM Act• NFSM• ISOPAM• CBM Policy• CELAC • NAAM 2• IAARC• UGC GUIDE LINES• DRUG POLICY• RIDF NABARD•

For a win-win bilateral trade diplomacy (India- US trade ties ,IR ,GS paper 2 ,The Hindu )

With the strong personal commitment of the leaders of both countries, the India-U.S. economic partnership is on track for a transformational jump Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s second visit to the U.S. is garnering even more interest than his first trip, particularly because in the intervening year, the India-U.S. dialogue has

Simply put: Lost in fog of disparate data, a picture of India’s nutrition (GS paper 1 )

 No one knows what has led to the ‘improvement’; lack of standardised data collection often yields contradictory results, undermines policy evaluation. The latest edition of IFPRI’s Global Nutrition Report, released on September 22, highlighted the improvements in India, across all states. When it comes to tackling malnutrition, India has for