Sagarmala: Concept and implementation towards Blue Revolution (GS paper 3 ,Infrastructure-Ports,PIB )

Question-Despite being a country surrounded by water from three sides Indian Ports lag in terms of infrastructure and other logistics.For “Make in India” initiative to be successful we need to focus on Port- led development.Discuss the constraints and suggest remedies. (Read this article too Click Here ) The prime objective of

Need for ‘quick pace’ development in ports, space technology: Narendra Modi(Economy ,GS paper 3,IE )

India needs to move at a “quick pace” to develop maritime and space sectors which will have the greatest impact in this century, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today. Stressing on “port-led” development for realising India’s aspirations to become a global power, Modi said his government is reviving the ‘Sagarmala’ project in

TPP vs. RCEP: America and China Battle for Control of Pacific Trade (IR ,GS paper 2 ,Gateway House )

Within hours of President Obama’s announcement of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement on Monday, the landmark deal looked like it had already run into trouble in the U.S. Congress. The influential Nelson Report suggested the pact might be “DOA”—dead on arrival. The Senate and the House get an up-or-down vote on