Using neglected, under-utilised crops to improve food and nutrition security in mountain areas(Food Security ,Climate change,DTE)

Agriculture is the dominant sector in the Hindu-Kush Himalayan (HKH) countries. It significantly contributes to food security, livelihoods and rural economy of the region, which, as a whole, remains a net food-deficit area. Increasing population pressure, diminishing landholdings, soil degradation, high price of inputs, and climate change impacts are looming

Need to Build an Effective Indo-German Partnership (IDSA ,GS paper 2 ,IR )

Chancellor Angela Merkel visited India for the Third Inter-Governmental Consultations (IGC) from October 04-06, 2015. Apart from building on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Germany in April 2015, Merkel’s October visit was significant in terms of its timing and the larger strategic context. Germany under Merkel has successfully handled