Everything you need to know about Kelkar Committee Report on Revisiting & Revitalizing PPP Model (GS 3)

Who: Report of Vijay Kelkar Committee on Revisiting & Revitalizing PPP Model What: Released by the Union Ministry of Finance When: 28 December 2015 The Union Ministry of Finance on 28 December 2015 released the report of the Committee on Revisiting and Revitalising Public Private Partnership (PPP) Model. The 9-member committee was headed

Fear of Facebook colonising digital space looms over IT capital

TOPICS internet world wide web Net neutrality requires Internet be maintained as an open platform on which network providers treat all content, applications and services equally. Bengaluru, the information technology capital of India, is vehemently opposing social network Facebook’s controversial Internet service as it fears a ‘digital colonisation by the

[APFC] Hindi Handwritten Notes on minimum wages, ESIC, Labour laws, Industrial relations & other topics

Here is the collection of notes prepared by one of my associate Mr.Chandra Deo for upcoming Assistant provident fund commissioner (APFC/EPFO) examFollowing Topics are covered, for the syllabus topics- Industrial Relations, Labour Laws History of Labour laws in India- before independence and after independence. Provisions in Indian Constitution related labour welfare