2016 IAS Mains Strategy to become a topper[ Former IAS Israel Zeba Singh ]

IAS Mains- Strategy to become a topper

Hi friends ,

When you prepare for mains ,your target should be to score maximum marks with the optimum preparation. And to score maximum marks ,you should understand which areas to focus .

Mains exam contains:(each of 250 marks)

1 Essay paper

4 General Studies Paper

2 Optional Paper.

At the face of it ,it might look like GS preparation will help you score more marks. Hence,many students start GS preparation first and try to complete it . However ,the syllabus is so vast that they never feel they have completed.

However ,I would suggest you to start and complete your optional paper preparation first.Please look into the marksheets of few 2014 toppers .They have scored as much in 2 optional papers as all the 4 GS papers put together.

Also,dont take the essay paper lightly and just face it on the day of exams .Look how the toppers essay scores have helped them in scoring really well. Practise atleast 5 essays and get them evaluated.

This does not mean you should not focus on GS. I am just asking you to keep the weightage of scoring in mind ,to use your time judiciously.

So here is the message in brief –

Consolidate your optional preparation first,

Practise essays to score more than the average ,

And keep doing your General Studies side by side .

Good luck !

This blog is a part of a series of blogs on IAS preparation -simplified like never before !

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