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We have launched online test series for UPSC CSE 2017 Prelims 
The Price is Rs 600 + 15% Service Tax = 690
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The Test Series Will consist of
1. 24 Current Affair Bi monthly tests
2. 24 Modular tests covering definite pre announced syllabus and subjects
3. 12 Full length Mock Test
4. Mock Tests based on the available mocks of various coaching s For Pre 2017[ No definite number ]
Complete Test Activation Schedule :
Tests Will be activated according to the schedule provided in the above link , But as this is an online test series you can take these tests according to your own schedule anytime on any device , mobile tablet or computer once the test has been activated .
You Can take each test 4 times . A detailed analysis and explanation of each question will be provided after you submit the test instantaneously .
This is an Online Test Series . You will be registered in the online test portal : , within 24 Hours of the payment .
Submit your Details Here After payment :
we will enroll you to the website withing 24 hours of Payment confirmation

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