All you Need ro know about Human Capital Index Report


Context: Human Capital Index launched by the Geneva-based World Economic Forum (WEF) in Tianjin (China) at its Annual Meeting of New Champions- also known as ‘Summer Davos’ summit

HCI measures countries’ ability to nurture, develop and deploy talent for economic growth

India: Ranked at 105th position globally on a worldwide Human Capital Index (HCI)Has optimised only 57% of its human capital endowment, placing it in the top of the bottom quartile of the indexWas ranked 100th last year out of total 124 countries included in the 2015 index

Neighbours: Ranks much below China’s 71st position & also while Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka are placed higher on the index, Pakistan is ranked much below at 118

BRICS: India is ranked lowest as against Russia’s 28th, China’s 71st, Brazil’s 83rd and South Africa’s 88th
Top 5: Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Japan & Sweden

Bottom 5: Mauritania, Yemen, Chad, Nigeria & Mali


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