BrahMos test-flown from Su-30 MKI fighter jet

Integration of BrahMos supersonic missile system on Su-30 MKI will make the world envy Indian Air Force (IAF), says BrahMos Aerospace CEO & MD Sudhir Kumar Mishra. Brahmos, the world’s “most formidable” supersonic cruise missile system was today successfully integrated and test-flown with IAF’s Su-30MKI frontline strike fighter.
Speaking to FE Online after the test flight, Mishra said, “This is the most important step in the direction to giving the IAF incredible offensive capability on its frontline fighter aircraft.” “Dr Kalam always asked why India should be the fourth or fifth country to adapt or make a defence technology. But with the integration and test-flight of this supersonic missile system on Su-30 MKI, we have become the first in the world to have such a capability,” he said.
Mishra added that no country in the world has a missile system, the likes of BrahMos, integrated on its frontline fighter jets.
With today’s successful flight, the BrahMos air version programme now inches closer towards actual test firing, when a 2.5-ton Brahmos air-to-ground missile will be fired from the Sukhoi-30 in the coming months.
Asked about when the missile system will be test-fired from the Su-30 MKI, Mishra expressed confidence that the test will take place in 2016 itself. “By the end of this year, IAF will be able to proudly say that it has the BrahMos firepower,” he said. “A single test-fire from the aircraft will be enough. BrahMos has demonstrated its capability multiple times and once it is test-fired from the IAF jet once, it will be ready for integration on all other Su-30s immediately,” he added.
“The powerful missile will enable the IAF penetrate deep inside the enemy territory to deliver a deadly blow to their vital installations from stand-off ranges. The integration brings a paradigm shift in the capability of the IAF vis-à-vis its adversaries,” says BrahMos Aerospace.
The Su-30-BrahMos combination will carry out air combat operations within and beyond visibility range and will provide the IAF with the capability of attacking targets protected by powerful air defence assets, it says.
“Today’s flight trial has been keenly observed by several other nations in the world in possession of the Su-30 strike fighter who are looking towards acquiring a lethal weapon system for the Russian-made warplanes,” it adds.


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