Chemical experts to aid Shore Temple restoration


Holes and pores have appeared on the surface

Concerned over the tiny “holes and pores” appearing on the surface of the Shore Temple in Mamallapuram, presumably due to the salty wind, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is planning to seek help from chemical experts to restore the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
“We have been taking all efforts to protect the monument. We are now planning to rope in experts from institutions like the IITs so that they can help us deal with the tiny holes and pores,” Superintending Archaeologist for ASI’s Chennai Circle K. Lourdusamy said.
Explaining how the Pallava rulers had wisely chosen granite over sandstone to build the structures in the shore town, he said, “Unlike other monuments from the Pallava times which are built with sandstone, Narasimha Varma II, also known as Rajasimha, who built the structures in Mamallapuram, used granite so they could withstand the wind from the sea.”
Despite the thoughtful planning and efforts to protect the monuments, the salty winds have been affecting the Shore Temple, Arjuna’s Penance and the Five Rathas, he said.
The ASI had recently received the ‘Tamil Nadu Tourism Award’ for the ‘Best Maintained Heritage Monument’ for its efforts to protect the Pallava monuments in Mamallapuram.


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