•One Belt, One Road also known as the Belt and Road Initiative; is a Chinese framework for organizing
multinational economic development through two component plans, the land-based “Silk Road
Economic Belt” (SREB) and ocean going “Maritime Silk Road” (MSR).
The “belt and road” have two components—the Silk Road Economic Belt (SREB) that would be established along the Eurasian land corridor from the Pacific coast to the Baltic Sea, and the 21st century Maritime Silk Road (MSR).
The “belt and road” run through the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa, connecting the vibrant East Asia economic circle at one end and developed European economic circle at the other.
The SREB focuses on bringing together China, Central Asia, Russia and Europe (the Baltic); linking China with the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea through Central Asia and West Asia; and connecting China with Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Indian Ocean.
The 21st-Century MSR, in turn is designed to go from China’s coast to Europe through the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean in one route, and from China’s coast through the South China Sea
to the South Pacific in the other.
On land, the initiative will focus on jointly building a new Eurasian Land Bridge and developing
China-Mongolia-Russia, China-Central Asia-West Asia and China-Indochina Peninsula economic


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