Cost analysis (Adjusted to present rate) of civil services preparation : Is the fees charged by coaching institutes justified

Cost comparision by Mr.Gokul G R (IAS, AIR 19, CSE-2010)

Option one: You study back home
1. General Studies
Books : Rs. 5000
Newspapers : Rs. 250 monthly ( Total : 6000 for 2 years; you will anyway subscribe, whether you are preparing or not)
Periodicals : Rs. 650 for frontline (2 years) + Rs.900 for EPW ( one year)
Net connection : 500 per month ( Total : 12000; you will anyway subscribe, whether you are preparing or not)
Total Cost : Around 25000 ( over 2 years )

2. Optional:

Books: 4-5 books for humanities optionals  ( Mostly Indian Authors). Total cost : Not more than Rs. 4000.
7-8 books for science optionals. Total cost: Not more than Rs. 6000 ( If you are not downloading pirated copies).
Total Extra cost : Rs. 16000 ( Highly liberal
estimate and spend over 2 years). Use library, old books or pirated
copies and you can bring that down to a few thousand rupess.

Option two : You go to Delhi to attend coaching.

1. Coaching fees :
G.S : Rs, 70,000-100000
Optional : Rs. 30,000-60000
Total : Rs. 1,20,000 (spot payment)
2. Periodicals, newspapers, net for personal use : Rs. 15,000 over 2 years.
3. High rent and cost of living : Around 10k every month.
Total extra Cost : Around 3.5 Lakhs (
Conservative estimate; multiply with no.of  failed attempts, extra fee
for extra coaching etc). And even after paying such huge, exorbitant
costs, the quality of teaching ( as i get to know from fellow aspirants)
may not always be up to the mark.

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