FOR UPSC PRELIMS 2016 Aspirants [ Takers And Skippers Both ]

**********FOR UPSC PRELIMS 2016***********
UPSC Prelims after the change of pattern in 2015 has purely become a matter of knowledge . Although the pattern has changed people are still preparing in the same old fashion , giving 30-40 tests in various test series . I think it is a flawed logic , you get enough time in prelims to solve two gs papers in one sitting of 120 minutes[ time allotted for pre gs paper 1 ] . So gone are the days when speed mattered and hence you practiced relentlessly to gain it. You should only attempt 5-10 reputed tests to assess where you stand . The remaining time you should spend in gaining critical knowledge . Clever and smart work is the need of the hour , brute hard work is not going to be the only solution . As you must have known from various sources that UPSC Repeats Previous year questions
[** some blatant copy paste ,some rephrased , some questions from the wrong options of earlier years**

We have a collection of 4000 plus Previous Year questions 1979-2015 , which is so robust that it covers entire syllabus . 

If you solve the previous year questions , you will have two benefits
1. Complete revision of the syllabus [ as the questions already asked in prelims from 1979-2015 touch every known aspect of static syllabus ]
2. You will have very familiar [static ] questions in prelims 2016 , which you will solve in a flash .
I have heard many people are skipping this attempt . If I were at your place , I would have read Vision current affair magazines and solved the 4000 pre questions and went to the exam.
If you are going to still skip , try this, read vision ias current affair magazine [ all of them for the year ] and solve 4000 pre questions , After the prelims attempt the paper in home and regret why didn’t you take the leap of faith .
4000 Prelims Question Compilation @ Rs 199


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