India and NSG


The inception of NSG
· NSG was invented post India’s nuclear technology demonstration test of 1974.
· If India is given the membership of NSG,that too without it signing NPT, then its whole objective and fundamentals will be diluted.

Effect of being its member
· prestige,
· nuclear tech and fuel needs,
· export its own nuclear tech,
· But, some say the membership is only symbolic in nature as India already secured a NSG waiver in 2008 which serves the aforesaid interests

· India has failed to secure a permanent UNSC seat and admission to APEC
· Opposition from China and others. Infact only 32/48 members of NSG support India’s membership
· Unrealistic expectations as membership can only be achieved when all 48 agree

Optimism about the deal among some diplomats
· In 2008, India secured a NSG waiver
· We need to adhere to subtle diplomacy to achieve goals wrt NSG

Why India should get NSG membership?
· Unblemished non proliferation record
· inclination to non discriminatory disarmament
· Indian export regulations already comply
· MTCR membership secured
· voluntary moratorium on nuclear testing
· no first use policy
· genuine energy needs

China’s own behaviour with regard to international obligations
· Has improved its nuclear arsenal after joining NPT and NSG, issue wrt North Korea and Pakistan

Limitations of NSG
· Cant curtail members nuclear weapons program.

· At best, the NSG can try and become more effective in preventing further horizontal proliferation among the NPT non-nuclear armed states.


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