• Union Cabinet has approved the setting up of India Post’s payments bank at a total project cost of Rs 800 crore.
• Highlights
• India Post Payment Bank (IPPB), which will generate employment 
• opportunities for about 3,500 skilled banking professionals, will set
• up 650 branches and 5,000 ATMs across the country.
• IPPB expects to break even by year seven of its operations.
• IPPB will start operations in March 2017 in about 50 districts and
• will cover the entire country by the end of FY 2018-19.
• Significance
• Extensive reach and spread of Indian postal system to blocks,
• taluks and villages ensuring last mile connectivity.
• Old setup, ease of access, years of trust and familiarity of rural people.
• Brick and mortar banks are unviable to setup in many of the remote areas.
• Helpful for migrants, labourers, MSME, poor household, enhancing access to financial services and promoting financial inclusion.
• Provision of debit facility.
• What are payment banks?
• •Payment banks are non-full service banks, whose main objective is to accelerate financial inclusion.
• •Payments banks will mainly deal in remittance services and accept deposits of up to Rs 1 lakh.
• •They will not lend to customers and will have to deploy their funds in government papers and bank deposits.
• •They can accept demand deposit, issue ATM/debit cards but not credit cards.
• •The promoter’s minimum initial contribution to equity capital will have to be at least 40% for the first five years.
Next year prelims is scheduled to be on 18th June, 2017, less than 10 months away. 
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