Major Events in Revolt of 1857


Summarized View of Major Events in the Revolt of 1857
Major Events
22 Jan, 1857
 New cartridges cause concern amongst sepoys at Dum Dum
Jan- Mar, 1857
 Greased cartridges cause unrest. Berhampore and Barrackpore see outbreaks. Chapaties and lotus passed from village to village as a symbollic message.
11 May, 1857
 Rebels reach Delhi and proclaim Bahadur Shah Zafar as Emperor and their leader.
31 May, 1857
 Khan Bahadur Khan, a government pensioner takes the lead, and is proclaimed ruler under the King of Delhi. Moradabad and Shahjahanpur see a revolt and rebels attack Christians at the latter. The native regiments are disarmed in Agra
3 Jun, 1857
 Abbas Ali proclaims himself the ruler in Moradabad.
6 Jun, 1857
 Nana Sahib joins the rebels and is proclaimed Peshwa. Revolt at Jhansi, Europeans massacred. Revolt in Azamgarh.
8 Jun, 1857
 Battle of Badle ki serai in Delhi.
11 Jun, 1857
 Brigadier General James Neill arrives at Allahabad. Jhansi rebels leave for Delhi.
12 Jun, 1857
 Nana Sahib massacres over Europeans fugitives from Fatehgarh at Bithur.
15 Jun, 1857
 Wajid Ali Shah of Awadh imprisoned in Fort William, Calcutta.
16 Jun, 1857
 Maulvi Liaqat Ali flees Allahabad. Nawab’s rule proclaimed at Fatehgarh.
27 Jun, 1857
 Massacre at Satichaura Ghat, Kanpur. 
30 Jun, 1857
 British defeated at Chinhat ; Bulandshahr captured by Walidad Khan.
2 Jul, 1857
 Bakht Khan arrives in Delhi with the Bareilly brigade
4 Jul, 1857
 European fugitives from Fatehgarh and Farrukhabad masacred at Rampore. Sir Henry Lawrence dies in the Lucknow Residency.
7 Jul – 31 Jul, 1857
 Fatehpur occupied by Havelock.
 Bibighar massacre at Kanpur.
 Nana Sahib defeated by Havelock at Fatehpur, and First Battle of Kanpur.
 Havelock enters Kanpur and Nana Sahib retreats to Bithur.
 Siege of Arrah House.
 Parade Ground Massacre at Farruckhabad (Fatehpur).
 Havelock defeats rebels at Unnao.
  A large rebel force from Mhow and Indore arrives at Gwalior
5 Aug, 1857
 Havelock defeats the rebels at Bashiratganj. Kunwar Singh proclaims himself as King of Shahbad.
17 Aug, 1857
 Sir Colin Campbell becomes British Commander-in- Chief.
14 Sept, 1857
 British assaults on Delhi start
20 Sept, 1857
 Delhi conqured by British
21 Sept, 1857
 Bahadur Shah Zafar captured at Humayun’s Tomb by Captain Hodson.
22 Sept, 1857
 Hodson murders Mughal Princes.
17 Nov, 1857
 Lucknow Residency releived by Campbell. Outram at the Alambagh; rebels see his withdrawal from Awadh as a great victory.
24 Nov, 1857
 Havelock dies of dysentery
27 Nov, 1857
 Gwalior Contingent attacks Nawabganj (Unnao). British retreat
3 Dec, 1857
 Campbell sends rescued women and sick from Lucknow Residency to Allahabad.
6 Dec, 1857
 Tatya Tope defeated in the third battle of Kanpur by Campbell
6 Jan – 14 Jan, 1858
 Fatehgarh reclaimed by British. Sir Hugh Rose launches the operation in Central India.
 Bahadur Shah Zafar is tried at The Red Fort in Delhi.
  Laxmi Bai issues a proclamation against the British
17 Mar, 1858
 Brigadier Stuart attacks Chanderi. Kunwar Singh wins Battle of Atraulia.
21 Mar, 1858
 Rose reaches Jhansi.
1 Apr, 1858
 Tatya Tope loses Battle of Betwa
3 Apr, 1858
 Jhansi captured by British
5 Apr, 1858
 Jhansi fort taken by the British. Rani, with her step-son, reaches Kunch.
17 Apr, 1858
 British forces attack Kunwar Singh near Azamgarh.
18 Apr, 1858
 Battle of Banda.
26 Apr, 1858
 Kunwar Singh dies
6 May, 1858
 Battle of Bareilly, included the famous change of the Ghazis of whom 133 were bayonettled. Bareilly taken but rebel leaders escaped.
8 May, 1858
 Tatya Tope defeated in Battle of Kunch by Rose
11 May, 1858
 Amar Singh defeated but manages to escape. Battle of Shahjahpur.
22 May, 1858
 Battle of Kalpi, armory captured by British under Rose
25 May, 1858
 Hamirpur falls to the British
1 Jun, 1858
 Rani of Jhansi, Rao Sahib and Tatya Tope capture Gwalior, occupy Lushkar and Gwalior fort. Madho Singh captured by Rose.
12 Jun, 1858
 Battle of Nawabganj; Sir Hope Grant wins Awadh. Amar Singh returns to Buxar. Khan Bahadur Khan attacks Shahjanpur.
15 Jun, 1858
 Maulvi Ahmadullah Shah is killed while attacking
16 Jun, 1858
 Battle of Morar
17 Jun, 1858
 Battle of Kota-Ki- Serai; Rani of Jhansi dies in the battle-field
19 Jun, 1858
 Gwalior falls to British
20 Jun, 1858
 Gwalior fort captured by Rose. Battle of Jaora. Scindia returns to Gwalior.
5 Jul, 1858
 Banpur Raja surrenders
1 Nov, 1858
 Queen Victoria’s abolishes the rule of the East India Company in India.
25 Nov, 1858
 Raja of Gonda defeated by Sir Patrick Grant, Gonda occupied.
Dec, 1858
 Bihar rebels finally dispersed.
7 Jan, 1859
 Awadh rebellion ends
7 Apr, 1859
 Khan Bahadur Khan, Begum of Awadh, Nana Sahib and Birjis Qadr flee to fort of Niacote in Nepal.
8 Apr, 1859
 Tatya Tope captured by British.
18 Apr, 1859
 Tatya Tope hanged.
20 Apr, 1859
 Nana Sahib sends ‘Ishtiharnama’ to Queen Victoria
8 Jul, 1859
 British declare State of peace.
24 Sept, 1859
 Nana Sahib dies
Dec, 1859
 Amar Singh captured in the Terai by Jung Bahadur’s troops.
9 Dec, 1859
 Khan Bahadur Khan captured
24 Feb, 1860
 Khan Bahadur Khan hanged.
3 May, 1860
 Jwala Prasad hanged at Satichaura Ghat, the massacre site.
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