March 2016 Current Affair Mock Test for UPSC Pre by


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Minimum Price of The Mock Test is Rs 10 , If anyone of you do not have means to pay[ As the minimum price is already at its rock bottom we are talking about rural student without access to net banking or ATM] , drop a mail to or contact Facebook Page and we will send you the copy of the test free of cost. As many aspirants pay more than the minimum amount this equals out . Your brothers and Sisters are paying 10 times the cost , you can have it for free . It is a mock test covering March 2016 current affair , If you have gone through the March 2016 current affair go ahead and take the test . It will help you know where you stand. We will be preparing similar monthly Current affair test from August 2015 to July 2016 . Each question has been picked from the March 2016 news and Questions have been modeled to test the basic understanding of the core concept behind the news. So it is advisable that you first go through March current affair then take the test. We have started this initiative to generate some funds to improve our website and reach every aspirant who is in need and does not have the means to prepare for the most fare exam in our country. In last three days we have removed almost all the annoying adds due to the generosity of the aspirants. So go ahead buy this test and Help us , Pay whatever you can. Thank you