May 2016 Current Affair Mock Test for UPSC CSE Prelims By

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This test is designed for you to know your standing on the current affair issues . UPSC has a wide range available to it , they can pick anything they want , we have limited our self and picked questions from famous important news only . It is a test which tests your power of observing and retaining minute information about relevant news .
If you have doubt in any of the questions , please contact us on the above email , we will together clear that doubt.
Minimum Price of The Mock Test is Rs 10 , If anyone of you do not have means to pay[ As the minimum price is already at its rock bottom we are talking about rural student without access to net banking or ATM] , drop a mail to or contact Facebook Page and we will send you the copy of the test free of cost. As many aspirants pay more than the minimum amount this equals out . Your brothers and Sisters are paying 10 times the cost , you can have it for free .


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