Need For an Educational Reform (GS 1 and 2 ,Education,UPSC IAS Mains )

What is the issue?
  • Indian education system is based on an objective to get marks in examinations with lack of practical knowledge.
  • Reform in education system is needed to ensure all-round creative learning.
What are the issues with Indian education system?
  • India has various education boards ranging from State board, Central board, Matriculation, NIOS, ICSE, etc.
  • In India free education is in the mother tongue but is of very poor standard, the so called good schools follow norms which are suitable only for the rich.
  • In those schools which are free, only children of poor people study even if the teachers are good.
  • Neither the state nor the central governments have any control over the establishment of private schools.
  • Thus free education as ensured in the Constitution is only in name, parents have to pay a huge burden of fees from the primary to the high-school level.
How children are pressured under this education system?
  • Children at the tender age of three years are sent to school for nursery or LKG classes, carrying a heavy burden of books, and forced to sit long hours in schools.
  • They are subjected to rote learning and forced after school hours to study/write homework for two-three hours.
  • The education system is also riddled with inequality from the start. Parents of some children insist their wards for highly paid jobs, where most poor and middle class people wait for less paid jobs.
  • Children have no time to do extra-curricular activities, they have to concentrate on their studies and later on searching for jobs.
  • Parents force their children into this artificial system, injuring their tender minds.
  • To add to children’s woes there are no facilities like playgrounds and toilets in most schools and thus children are subjected to physical and mental stress.
What measures needs to be taken in this regard?
  • Indian intellectuals should reflect and pressure the government to bring in reforms in education.
  • Varying standards of education too are not good for any country, India should have only one type of education system and this should be compulsory and free education.
  • Government need to take measures to focus practical knowledge. And ensure all-round creative learning.
  • Various reform needs to recruit and train teachers who has real passion to teach.


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