Nepal Crisis Point Wise

Nepal Crisis

  1. Maoists to withdraw support from PM Oli of UML due to non fulfillment of promises.
  2. Maoists are led by Prachanda, backed by Nepali Congress
  3. Earlier also attempted in May this year. But, Oli said that after budget he will give power to Prachanda and China also intervened 
  4. Madhesis also not happy with Oli
  5. If it happens, 9th PM change in 8 years in Nepal.
  6. Also at play is the inherent competition for support base b/w Maoists and UML
  7. Also, very little done post earthquake
  8. PM Oli has Blamed India for all its troubles.
  9. India has been accused of this instability of Nepal.
  10. But, only stable Nepal in favour of India.
  11. Instead, there are reports of Chinese interfering to keep Oli in power.


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