Nikita Pawar 2011 IAS Topper Ranked 18th

A sweet, simple, but confident girl having her eyes full of ambitions, after completing B.Tech started her career exploration journey with the
Civil Services Examination . At the time when she decided to make her career in CSE, she hardly had any idea about it .
In-order to start her preparation, Nikita followed the advice from her coaching institute and picked up both optional subjects Political science & International relations and Law which were totally new to her.

In narration of her success-story, “it seemed as if CSE was a child’s play and success in Civil Services Examination is not that difficult. With hard-work reflecting in her eye as well as in her talks, she recalls,it was not as simple as it appears today. ”
She had adopted a unidirectional approach the moment she got serious about the examination.From November 2010 onward, it was nothing but CSE that occupied her mind.”
Giving details about her choice of optional subjects, she said,”she didn’t wanted to wait for her entry into Civil services. When she had no idea about it, she depended on the details and information she received and her inner feeling was that whatever she was doing it was right to her.Her father supported her and encouraged her to move into the path of her decision.
When there were fearful expectations all around relating to new pattern of Preliminary Examination, all she did was focusing in her preparations and had a complete view at the examination and not in pieces.

Stating about Prelims she said that she was not very much concerned about her prelims. Looking at the syllabus, it seemed manageable to her and did a lot of practice accordingly. Simultaneously she had kept her eyes and efforts on Mains Examination related necessities. At the stage of Mains examination many of the candidates look wise;but she was very clear, and so she didn’t spend extravagantly. She made the best use of the time she had and kept on moving towards her goal.
When asked about her problems Nikita said that if one is preparing diligently, there is nothing that is vague. Her prelims went on well and there was no confusion but when she faced the General studies paper in Mains Examination, she was little shaken . But, she took few minutes to hoard her confidence and said herself that if she attempted it properly, it wont be that difficult.Her habit of reading newspaper and her good expression developed due to it, so she started her answers and very soon she was all in force. This confidence helped her through out her Mains Examination and at the end when she visualized her attempt; she got self belief that her success was in sight”.

She was excited not only for her success; but she was beaming that she had enjoyed the complete journey and this was going to conduct throughout her life, she said.
Influenced as she was; Nikita said it was just the beginning. She has a long way to travel and she was glad to achieve success at an early age where many candidates start thinking seriously about Civil Services Examination.


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