Who matters more in Asia?

Share this on WhatsApp [IE] China’s influence over Asia today is significant and growing. But it is, by no means, the only story in Asia. Perhaps due to China’s stellar rise, it is easy to overlook the substantial sway the US economy still holds over much of Asia. Concerns over

Squaring the oil circle

Share this on WhatsApp [IE] Given the price of the Indian crude oil basket is pretty much where it was at the beginning of the year when the government first decided to hike diesel prices—diesel accounts for 40% of all under-recoveries—while the rupee has depreciated a fourth, all the effort

Don’t blame the Food Bill

Share this on WhatsApp [Hindu] The currencies of India, Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa and Turkey have fallen quite dramatically against the dollar in the past few months. Whatever their domestic weaknesses, the reasons for this unprecedented decline — ranging between 13 to 21 per cent — are primarily global. In

Rajya Sabha bypasses Supreme Court on convicted politicians, approves proposal to let candidates’ contest polls when in custody

Share this on WhatsApp The divide between the legislature and the judiciary is out in the open yet again. Contradicting the Supreme Court order barring those in jail from contesting polls, the Rajya Sabha has approved a proposal to maintain the candidate’s right to contest polls when in custody while