Remarks By Shri NN Vohra IDSA

Share this on WhatsApp Shri RD Pradhan and Shri Ajit Nimbalkar, eminent representatives of the YB Chavan Prathishthan; Dr Arvind Gupta, officiating Director General IDSA; Prof Kanti Bajpai; Cmdr Parmar; distinguished invitees, ladies and gentlemen. At the outset, I would like to compliment the YB Chavan Prathishthan and IDSA for

“India and China: Can the Giants of Asia Cooperate?”

Share this on WhatsApp His Excellency the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Shri N.N. Vohra, Acting Director General of the Institute, Shri Arvind Gupta, and representatives of the Y.B. Chavan Trust, Shri R.K. Pradhan and Shri Ajit Nimbalkar, Ladies and Gentlemen: May I begin by thanking the Institute for Defence

New Schedule for Civil Services Exam from 2014 – What Strategy Should You Adopt Now?

Share this on WhatsApp Now that UPSC has announced the 2014 IAS exam schedule, it is worth noting how the changed schedule will affect your preparation strategy and what changes are needed. Instead of February, the 2014 civil services exam will be notified in May and the Prelims will be held