Telecom Commission gives in-principle approval to spectrum trading

Share this on WhatsApp [IE] The Telecom Commission has given its in-principle approval to sectoral regulator Trai’s recommendation of allowing spectrum trading. “The Telecom Commission (TC) has in-principle approved spectrum and has said that it should be incorporated in the final documents for the next round of auction. However, the commission has

Direct cash transfers: ‘The previous system was so much more convenient’

Share this on WhatsApp [IE] Three states where the UPA govt has rolled out direct cash transfers go to polls later this year. On the ground, the scheme has not quite turned out the game-changer the government reckoned it would. Rajasthan: The scheme that blocked kerosene A frail Gori Sahaab,

A particle accelerator on your fingertip

Share this on WhatsApp [hindu] Particle accelerators are important tools used to leverage the features of high-energy physics for research and diagnostics. Almost 49 per cent of the 26,000 accelerators worldwide in 2010 were used for some medical research (Physics Today, 2010), such as in radiotherapy to kill cancer cells

Elusive signals from early universe found

Share this on WhatsApp The discovery using a telescope in Antarctica and ESA’s Herschel space observatory, points the way towards finding evidence for gravitational waves born during the universe’s rapid ‘inflation’ phase. Astronomers have made the first detection of a subtle twist in the relic radiation from the Big Bang,