In order to create an awareness on the judicious use of natural resources and conservation of petroleum products, a month long awareness programme has been launched called Saksham-2017. The programme is organized by the Petroleum Conservation Research Association and other Oil and Gas PSUs under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural gas.
The main objective behind the awareness programme is to promote judicious use of the non renewable resources so that they can sustain for a longer period of time. Apart from that, it also promotes the use of cleaner fuels. Since global warming and climate change have become sensitive issues throughout the world, the programme is a right step towards educating people with new alternatives and renewable sources of energy and their importance.
The programme also focuses on the use of new and innovative appliances that are energy efficient. It is a good way to nudge people regarding their faulty methods of using energy and shifting to efficient and energy saving methods at the earliest.
During the one month period, several workshops would be held, targeting various sections of the society. It would be held for educating the drivers of commercial vehicles regarding correct and proper fuel saving methods. Also it would target the housewives to shift to efficient cooking methods which use cleaner and cheaper fuels at the same time. School Children will also be awarded for their contribution in enhancing and sharing the knowledge on energy conservation.
The awareness programme, Saksham- 2017 is an effective step towards promotion of sustainable resources of energy at a time, when the country needs it the most.


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