Study Material in PenDrive

We started test series a while back , here we are uploading tests regularly  , to our astonishment , many aspirants were asking for the test series in the form of pen drive . When we inquired why  they generally had two issues , which also applies to the bulky study materials in our website .
1. They were on slow network
2.  The cost of 3g data is still high
Material is scattered everywhere even on our website we have more than  8000 posts .
Also we get daily request asking for material sent to their address . We do not have time to do all this on our own. We talked to an aspirants who is preparing and was asking repeatedly for a JOB/ or part time work so that he can sustain his studies .

May be  we can   connect the two , the aspirant requiring material in pen drive form and the aspirant trying hard to meet ends in his life.

We need your advice before going forward .

Let us know if you will be interested in getting all the important material in our website in pen drive . And IF yes What should be  the price .  


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