Solutions can come from the slums( social issue ,Urban Planning ,GS paper 2 ,The Hindu )

Urban planning that involves the people and alternative service providers gives far better results than top-down efforts from the government, finds an IIT-M study In Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, the responsibility of managing and maintaining a set of more than 160 community toilets was handed over by the Tiruchirapalli City Corporation

Gaurav Agarwal IAS ( Rank 1 , 2013 ) Toppers Answer Booklet Collection of General Studies and Essay

After Going through this answer booklet of Gaurav Aggrawal , you will get an Idea How toppers write in civil service mains examination Download  [Gaurav Agrawal ] Friends, I am uploading below my checked answer copies for the vision ias test series I joined. I found Vision IAS very good