[Revision] Chemistry Part-3: Hydrogen Economy, Hard Water types & treatment, Hydrogen Peroxide, Acid, Base, Salt[Mrunal]

Prologue Continuing on…This article contains revision note out of Chapter 6, 7, 8 and 9 of Chemistry Class11. As such nothing much from 6 to 8 because they deal with technical stuff in thermodynamics, redox equation etc. Water: Importance in Biosphere Water plays a key role in the biosphere because

[Revision] Chemistry Part-2: Metal, Non-Metal, Metalloid, Liquid, Surface tension, Viscosity, Gas Laws, Periodic Table[Mrunal]

Prologue Continuing on…This article contains revision note out of Chapter 3, 4 and 5 of Chemistry Class11. Chapter 4 mostly ignored because it deals with Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structure, The valence bond (VB) approach, The VSEPR model, molecular orbital (MO) theory and other technical things. Metals vs. Non-metals vs.

[Revision] Chemistry Part-1: Matter, Mass, Isotopes, Isobars,X-Ray, Alpha-Ray, Gamma-Ray, Cathode-Ray & More[Mrunal]

This year’s UPSC CAPF paper contained significant number of questions science, particularly higher level chemistry (Above class7-10 NCERTs) In recent years, UPSC has been shifting from Class 7 to 10 Science NCERTs towards 11-12 NCERTS) – This has been evident in all 3 exams conducted by UPSC viz. CAPF, CDS

Compilation Of Revision Notes for 2015 IAS Prelims

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