The Most Effective Essay Writing Tips for IAS Mains Exam

UPSC is all set to commence India’s most prestigious Civil Services Examination 2018. With just a few months left for the final preparation, you must be up on your nerves preparing to crack India’s finest Civil Services Examination. Students during their integrated preparation for Preliminary & Mains stage of the Civil Services Exams often get stuck up with effective Essay writing techniques!
Essay paper is a separate 3-hour long exam during the Mains stage where-in a candidate gets a choice of topics to choose from. There are many ways in which a candidate can express their views about the topic but as an aspirant for such responsible position you must know your own ways to keep your readers engaged until you finally conclude your views.
 An effective essay has:
1.     Exceptional Introduction
2.     Logical reasoning & Relevant correlation of the facts
3.     Conceptual translucency
4.     Factual backing with sources
5.     Related examples   
6.     Rational take on a multi-dimensional topic
7.     Impeccable conclusion
8.     Decent choice of words, strong command over language & writing skills are most important in a well framed Essay

Crucial tips for a well framed essay, to be practiced in regular:

1.     Choice of topic is crucial – UPS offers you topics for the essay paper that can be almost anything under the sun. Starting from current affairs to social issues, politics, new scientific inventions under science & technology or even philosophy. It is totally your intelligence to choose a topic that you are completely sure of. A well-chosen topic will help you fetch rich ideas to frame a better essay. Read this article to see what type of topics are generally given by UPSC and start practicing now.
2.     Structure your thoughts – Weave your opinion on and around the selected topic. Your chosen topic must have a logical discussion and a clear concept of what you are trying to say. For that, you can write down important points and structure them accordingly. Writing down your points will help you not miss anything important and focus on framing it well.
3.     Introduce your topic well – Introductory paragraph is the window to your essay and must grab the attention of the examiner from the first line itself. Introductory lines should be impactful enough to hit the topic right on the spot also creating a positive impression in the mind of the examiner. For instance, if you choose to write over a social issue like Women Security, beginning with ‘India is country where a Goddess is worshiped, and a woman cannot even step out of their home fearless’ will not fetch you enough attention. Rather take a recent case like the Rape case of an 8-year-old child in Kathua district of Kashmir and begin with something like ‘Demanding justice – but for whom? Asifa, the 8 YO, raped & brutally killed or for the sense of fear prevailing in the nation where a Goddess is worshiped more than the human form their existence?’ Explain this a little further before getting ahead onto the next paragraph. And do not stick to one dimension, but cover all the dimensions in your essay; social, economical and political.
4.     Frame your words, intelligently – A Well-structured essay is always interesting to read. But words matter the most. Hence choice of words should be very selective as every bit of your essay carries a story that is being conveyed. Now, we don’t mean that you should use heavy words that make your reader look their meanings in a dictionary. Use simple but attractive words in an intelligent manner. Sound command over language & writing skills are an addition to your words for making every bit of your opinion count through your essay! So practice essay writing.
5.     Ensure covering multiple dimensions of the topic but keep it crisp – An Essay always has a decent word limit that must be followed. And you must cover all the dimensions of a topic and keep it short & crisp. You must focus on your topic, think from every angle or side of the subject and explain the same in limited but effective words. Try not to go away with the flow of your emotions or thoughts deviating you from the essence of the Essay.
6.     Back your words with factual and relevant information and place the same in logical order – A good essay always has factual backing with a logical explanation for the same. All the important facts, figures, relevant charts, historical dates, events must be clear before you mention them in your essay. But if you are not sure of something, avoid mentioning it on any condition.
7.     Quote Famous Personalities’, sayings or dialogues – We all are very intelligent and know most what life has taught us. But when a saying comes from some public figure, prominent personality or we hear them in a movie, we tend to follow them more dedicatedly. Famous short messages and one liners are most catchy and will also make essay more interesting to read. Try decorating your words using such quotes or dialogues. 
8.     A decent handwriting and grammatically correct essay is always appreciated -Knowledge of a topic and effective expression of the same will never be any fruitful if you cannot convey it well through your writing skills. During Civil Services Examination, your examiner is your reader and your handwriting is the medium of expression. If handwriting is your weak part, make sure you practice and manage to write your essay in a decent handwriting in the Essay paper. Also, revise the grammatical errors before submitting your paper, because every small details count!
9.     Conclude your essay with your evaluation on the topic and a suggestive verdict – Wrap up your essay with a brief evaluation and a suggestive verdict in your opinion. Now by verdict we don’t mean to declare your opinion as the only option but tell your reader that this could one positive & constructive understanding of the issue or subject. While wrapping up your essay, include verdict and your evaluation on the topic. Try to keep as positive as you can while framing your conclusion, it adds to your marks!
10. Revise your Essay – Well, this is most crucial tip for effective essay writing. Revise your essay once you’ve framed it. We often go away with the flow of thoughts while writing an essay and tend to skip certain words or some crucial information that we recall while we revise the same. Hence, always keep some time for revising your essay and ensure reading it not as an author but from the eyes of a reader.