Topper's tips for success in UPSC Prelims 2017 by Rachit Raj IAS (AIR 3 ,2013)

For those who are going to give UPSC Civil Services Exam Prelims 2017 :::
1. Make a habit of reading newspaper and please write down the important facts so that it may be easy for you at the time of revision as well as will help you to have consolidated information and lastly may aid you in writing practice . Though you will feel lazy in this process which is quite natural but just think of your valuable time and passion and then accordingly work on it .
2. For the subjects , you already have written notes . Keep revising .
3. Also whenever you find some vital information anywhere , just make note of it . Don’t just read and leave .
4. Keep revising again and again .
5. Practice a lot of questions for Prelims . This will give you a strategy as well as confidence to deal with the questions . The questions which you get wrong , write down the answer as well as point mentioned .
6. Don’t be disheartened if you get less marks in mock practice papers , mock papers are meant to state you that you need to work hard . I remember that before my Prelims I used to get around 50 to 65 marks out of 200 but still I continued with passion to improve well.
7. Don’t think much of others . Don’t pay attention to what others are doing , how they are proceeding and what all they are following . This is really utter non sense . Sometimes it creates more negativity than positivity . Ultimately every one has his or her unique approach to proceed with. Don’t compare with anyone.
8. Lastly be positive , patient as well as confident . You are very much the best , only thing required is keep moving on aptly .
All the besttttttt…..
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