UPSC Prelims 2017 Hindi Medium Test Series Launched 71 Tests @ Rs 690 [ Limited Time Price , 10% cashback on Freecharge Checkout ]

When we launched Our English Medium Tests Series , we had to face the wrath of the Hindi medium aspirants who wanted the tests to be in hindi medium as well for the same Ground Breaking Price of Rs 10 Per test.

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The messages kept on pouring , like what sin hindi medium aspirants have done 😀 ek to kaam material available online uper se Test Series bhi sirf English medium Walo ke liye
Earlier we though we wont be able to translate all that , but we contacted an English Teacher and due to his hard work , Today we Launched Hindi Medium Online Test Series for Prelims 2017 .
As we started late , the schedule of Hindi medium tests will be running behind and in sync with our English medium tests .

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संघ लोक सेवा आयोग प्रेलिम्स 2017 ऑनलाइन टेस्ट श्रृंखला जी एस पेपर 1 @ Just Rs 690 : Click here 

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 [ This is an introductory price , prices will go up as we plan to add 20 tests based on previous Year Question  , Subscribe as soon as possible to get this low price  with all the benefits  ]

Note : We are working on a schedule , we will follow our English medium test Series which already has 9 Tests Activated till now .
**Before Registering Note That : We will provide Answer and option in Hindi ,We will not be able to provide explanation in Hindi , Explanation will be in English
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