UPSC to reject students’ demand on CSAT

Union Public Service Commission will have its full bench meeting on Monday to deliberate the students agitation against the English test in CSAT.

An internal note circulated among UPSC members has resolved unanimously reject the students demand of withdrawal of the English comprehension test.

Senior members of UPSC feel that a mafia of private tutorial colleges are behind this students’ agitation. The UPSC decision will be final and that is not governed by the Union government

Source(forum ias,analysis by senior IFS officer)

Initially the govt. was sympathetic to the problem of protesting students and asked UPSC to postpone the exam. The Arvind Varma Committee (AVC) was also requested to expedite its work but being a court appointed committee, it couldn’t be forced.
UPSC, unanimously is opposed to the demands of agitators. The biggest issue they have raised is their inability to delay mains (which will delay training – not enough flexibility in schedules).
Apparently, govt. stance has changed recently after concerned politicians were shown that the hindi translations are in fact, correct and only English passages, of extremely basic level. On declining number of hindi candidates, it has been pointed out that the trend is a long term one going back to pre-CSAT era. Although this trend is dangerous, it is a result of several factors like the lack of quality material in Hindi, increasing number of English candidates etc. It is likely that AVC might suggest minor or no changes in the current pattern with a suggestion to form another high level committee to look into the issue of declining number of hindi candidates. In any case, no major changes expected this year.
With protesters resorting to violence, the govt is not too happy with them. The current date is very much likely to stand. If some people are awarded extra attempts, there might be a special window of a week or so for them to fill their forms. Very little chances of any postponement. Govt. unlikely to make any statement before the report comes out.

At least, UPSC is aware of the false claims of incorrect translation. Whatever happens, some people seem to be aware of the facts. That is good.
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