What Will Be the Cutoff Of UPSC Prelims 2016 Analysis by xaam


out of 400 2011 2012 2013
GEN 198 209 241
OBC 175 190 222
SC 165 185 207
ST 161 181 200
PH1- Ortho 135 160 199
PH2-Visual 124 164 184
PH3-Hearing 96 111 163

The Cutoff in UPSC Prelims depends on a lot of factors , such as the number of quality  students appearing , the level of paper  etc which are arbitrary things hard to measure in a scale .
Let us analyse the cutoff of previous years .

Last year [2015] there was a pattern change , no one knew what could be the ideal score , as no data was available for previous year which could indicate what cutoff to expect . This lack of data due to sudden pattern change triggered a response in the students , they attempted more and also paper was balanced and on the easier side . After the paper there was panic that cutoff could even reach 140 as paper was easy and general attempt was more . Even though of this inflated attempts by the students Cutoff was 107.34 , many who were scared and attempted more couldn’t even touch 54 effective Correct Questions . The year of inflation [2015] settles one argument that cutoff remains around 50-60% [ 2015 – 107.34 , 2014 – 205 , 2013- 241 , 2012-209 , 2011-198 . ]
Anyone who took All these papers will tell you that , 2011 was tough so cutoff was 198 , again 2012 was tough so cutoff 209 , But 2013 was easy and the cutoff shot to 241 ,  aspirants thought cutoff next year will be 250+ , Next year again paper was tough and cutoff dropped to 205[ many who went for the 250 were snowballed , couldn’t even score 205 . Next year was 2015 , pattern change , again the panic of not knowing what could be the cutoff acted as a fuel to the fire of moderate to easy questions , cutoff soared 107.34 .
The aspirants appearing in 2016 prelims knew that last years paper was easy then also the cutoff touched only 107.34 and not 120s and 130s predicted by many . Again some sense of settlement and a parameter was set .
What happened in prelims 2015 ?
Paper was unbalanced , skewed towards current affair . The real serious aspirants spends a large chunk of their preparation time on History , Geography , Economy and Polity[ Which will help in Their mains answer writing no doubt ] . This year these core subjects alone could not help the aspirant to sail though . So obviously cutoff will be less , whenever the question is a bit tough cutoff drops , look at 2013 and 2014 cutoff dropped 36 marks

 . This year also cutoff will drop , may even be in 90s .

The comment section is open to your analysis . Let the world know what do you think will be the cutoff and why ?

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  • pankaj singh

    Yes ,agree that this year paper was difficult than previous one, but how come these coaching centres asking for 115 as cut off,,40 questions were simple and the rest was tricky ,the max will be 110,and anything more than this is too much for asking

  • Manish Pandey

    sir this years paper was easy or previous year………