Why You Should Read and Trust only the Hindu and IndianExpress For UPSC IAS current Affair

[Why You Should Read and Trust the Hindu as a reference ]

Vision has written in PT 365 Current Affair Document That Akash missile is Nuclear Capable . Which is funny in itself [ as Akash is surface to air and has 30 km range 🙂  ] , the irony is all the newspapers have circulated an article saying Akash is nuclear capable missile .

Even DRDO has Published a pdf mentioning it is nuclear capable , which is hilarious on their part , because it would have kept many Pakistani generals busy that why Indian interceptor with range 30 km is nuclear capable 😛 , and has India been able to perfect the art of such tiny atom bombs 😛 which can fit into this small missile , and many Pakistani Fighter pilots may have resigned because of the nuclear capable missile being used to destroy their fighter planes 😛

Funny Sources : http://www.drdo.gov.in/drdo/pub/npc/2016/april/din-14Apr2016.pdf

**Iska to maine DNA Analysis kiyahai aaj**

and Below vision document , Be aware of these copy pastes .
Now I realize  they are Just like xaam.in 😛

Correct source , Guess which newspaper  ? Guess ? Guess ?

The Hindu

And  IndianExpress

Source: xaam.in

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