[ Wrong Answer Correction ] Science And Tech Previous Year Compilation 1979-1994

Here Is the Correction In The Science Section Of the Previous Year Compilation 1979-1994

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Decomposition of organic matter is due to
(a) Virus
(b) Fungi
(c) Bacteria
(d) None of these

The water in an open pond remains cool even in hot summer because
(a) Of continuous evaporation of water
(b) Water radiates heat more rapidly than the atmosphere
(c) Water absorbs heat less rapidly than the atmosphere
(d) Water absorbs heat more rapidly than the atmosphere

Municipal water in India is generally treated with
(a) Chlorine
(b) Potassium permanganate
(c) Sodium Chloride
(d) Sodium Carbonate
Which of the following statements is correct?
Fossil I is Found in the upper layer than Fossil II
(a) Fossil I is heavier than fossil II
(b) Fossil II is heavier than fossil I
(c) Fossil I is older than fossil II
(d) Fossil II is older than fossil I

The substance generally used in the tip of safety match stick is
(a) Red phosphorus
(b) Sodium
(c) Yellow phosphorus
(d) Antimony trisulphide
D red phosphorus on the surface not tip

The surface of the water in a lake is frozen and its temperature is -15°C. The maximum possible temperature of the water inside the lake in contact with the ice layer will be (a) 0°C
(b) 4°C
(c) 15°C
(d) Insufficient data to predict

Write the correct order of occurrence of the following activities while completing the construction of a house
1. Plastering
2. White-washing
3. Electrification
4. Furnishing
(a) 1-3-2-4
(b) 3-1-2-4
(c) 3-2-1-4
(d) 1-2-3-4

Which of the following statements about “Dinosaurs” is/are correct ?
(a) The early man was a contemporary of Dinosaurs
(b) Man appeared first after the Dinosaurs became extinct
(c) The Dinosaurs became extinct about six million years before the appearance of the first man on the earth
(d) The Dinosaurs became extinct about 200 million years before the

Q62. Study the frequency of the following electromagnetic radiations and select the correct relationship (‘>’ implies greater than):
I. : Infra-red
II. : Microwave
III. : Ultra-violet

(a) I > II > III
(b) III > I > II
(c) III > II > I
(d) II > III > I

 Given :
Humidity— H
Wind Velocity—W
The desert cooler is an apprdevice for regions where
(a) H—A, W—A, T—B
(b) H—B, W—B, T—A
(c) H—A, W—B, T—B
(d) H—A, W—A, T—A

Which of the following diseases is hereditary ?
(a) Haemophilia
(b) Tuberculosis
(c) Cancer
(d) Dysentery

India’s indigenous pigs generally give birth to young ones at a time?
(a) 2-4
(b) 4-6
(c) 6-8
(d) 8-10

List 1 List 2 Organic acids Substances in which they are present
A. Lactic acid 1. Lemon
B. Acetic acid 2. Rancid butter
C. Citric acid 3. Milk
D. Butyric acid 4. Vinegar
                5. Wine
(a) 5 4 3 2
(b) 3 1 4 5
(c) 2 5 1 3
(d)3 4 1 2
The only anthropoid ape to be found in India is
(a) hanuman monkey
(b) lion tailed macaque of Western Ghats
(c) slow loris of Assam
(d) white browed gibbon of Assam

 The highest milk producing breed of goat in
India is
(a) Barbari
(b) Jamnapari
(c) Black Bengal
(d) Beetal


 The main difference between raw soybeans and
soybeans are in respect of
(a) Amino acid composition
(b) Biological value of proteins
(c) Protein content
(d)Calorific value

Vitamin containing cobalt B 12

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