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Since The Starting of the website 3 years back , we did not ask anything from the aspirants , Today we provided a donate button on the website , and the response is overwhelming 87 people donated already in less than 2 hours Some Rs50 some Rs30 , and most of the people are donating Rs 10  which is the amount we prefer , Just donate Rs 10 that’s enough . It feels great .
Thank you for the Support It means a lot .
As the traffic has peaked 1.3 million views a month ,Running this website requires full time admin and hardware upgrade , help us So that we can continue .
xaam.in is Ranked 2600 in the country and 46000 in the world it was not possible without your support .
Thanks to all who have shared material with the needy aspirants Special thanks to the toppers who contact us and share material through us .

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