VISION IAS Current Affair February 2017 Based MOdular Test Activated [ in Our Prelims Test Series 2017 ]

We have activated VISION IAS Current Affair February 2017  Based  Modular Test
Subscribers can attempt the tests on their respective platforms they were registered .

As of now we have activated 7 Current affair tests specifically based on VISION IAS monthly current affair magazine , in last year prelims the current affair question were comprehensively covered by this magazine . The process should be to read the magazine [ Click Here to Download ] and attempt the tests . We provide all India ranking  so by attempting you will be able to gauge your standing immediately among fellow aspirants , if you score less than 50% , you need to improve . 

If you have not Joined our prelims 2017 Tests Series Yet 
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We have the following  tests waiting for you 

If you are an Aspirant who has decided to skip 2017 Prelims and all prepared for 2018 Prelims 

You can also get all the VISION Current affair based activated tests as we have included them on our 2018 Test Series . We believe that the current affair questions in prelims are not restricted to 1 year .
So think about it , You can start attempting Mock tests for Prelims 2018 Right Now . This will boost your confidence and will let you know your standing well before almost all aspirants . Many aspirants who are serious towards 2018 Prelims  already Joined Our 2018 Test Series .
The Test Series consists of 150 Tests [ Hindi and English Medium Both ]
1. 30 Tests based on NCERT and NIOS Books(27 sectional +3 Full Mock)
2.20 Test based on Standard Reference Books(Laxmikant,GC Leong,Bipan Chandra,Ramesh Singh etc 18 Sectional+@ Full Mock)
3.10 Full length Mock Test
4. 5 tests based on India Year Book and Economic Survey
5. 11 Mock Tests based on Vision IAS Monthly Current Affair Magazine
6. 24 Current Affair Bi monthly Tests
7. 50 Tests Based on Previous Year Questions Static Syllabus Subject wise
**Foundation Part of the Test Series Will Consist of 30 Tests based on NCERT and NIOS Books [ 50 Question/Test ] . This will help the aspirants to gain confidence in the initial concept building phase **
Tests Will be activated according to the schedule provided in the above link , But as this is an online test series you can take these tests according to your own schedule anytime on any device , mobile tablet or computer once the test has been activated .


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